What to do to get Success — for you or your child.

Surprisingly, we have discovered it is NOT “Think and Grow Rich” but rather think and then do and then get rich. So says Clement Stone, the great student of Napoleon Hill. Today the success I have in mind is not getting rich, but just “doing well” meaning attaining your goals. Particularly, for children this means doing well enough in school and their other endeavors so that they can expect a good adulthood. This is what parents want. I talk about that and how this broadcast came to be.

Dr. John Ensign Give Recos for Preventing Colds and Flu

Dr. John Ensign, DO gives recos for preventing colds and flus. This was originally recorded in 2011, before the Wuhan virus outbreak. Still, you might find value in it. Bonus rerun, to go with current issue.