Leaving a Legacy IN our Children

These days we do hear the Proverb quoted that a good man leaves a legacy for his children and his children’s children. Prov 13:22. More important, of course, is that we leave a legacy IN our children. Sparking off a tragic story then in the news, I talk about the difficult situation that so many children and youth are in. Let’s consider what we can do.

Ha! I saw a posting this morning from a teacher who is quitting teaching. Not because the pay is better or the passion more in some other job. She says is it also NOT because children have changed. She says what has changed is parenting. SELAH.

This episode is the first in a series of 9. I also have a book on the topic, but it is not like the episdoes. It is a turn-key Bible study for a women’s group. There are even activities for the children. But if you don’t have a group, don’t worry, it will work for you too. It is all ready to go. You can get it in paperback or eformat. Get the Legacy Workbook.

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Testimony about Innovative Education

My testimony does not stop when talking about miraculous healing. While there is much that can be obtained through miracles, let’s also obtain what we can through wisdom and gifts and fruits, yes? Why should we want only one or the other? Let’s take all that God has given us, yes? God gives wisdom and witty inventions.

So, my grandsons also needed education. So I tell the story of what happened next, after they were out of the hospital, and after I went to help them with their education. Before the car accident, they had trouble. Now they had more. But after I home schooled them — for just a few months– they went to a private school, no one ever knew they had had problems, and they made honors A/B grades. That is also a miracle. One I hope you will hear about.

I hope it gives you great hope and faith that God can rescue your child, no matter what the problem is, or how badly ingrained the problem is. I do believe in miracles. I also believe in working toward a solution. I believe in searching for solutions. Well, yes, I have to admit that patience is required. I don’t think resignation is.

Because I think God wants total-well-being for all children.

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Tell me the Story Again

Every time I went on a new channel, I replayed the testimony of my grandsons’ healing. I think we just went on Spotify, so let’s do that again. Please share with those who might be interested.

Please also check out my book on healing by grace through faith, God Wants You Healed, on www.lulu.com
or in ebook format.

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