Dr. Pat Sekel Explains Dyslexia

Dr. Pat Sekel, our local expert on dyslexia, explains what dyslexia really is. There has been so much misunderstanding, amateur explanation, and pre-scientific explanation hanging around, that very few people have an accurate grasp of what is going on. Dr. Sekel came to our studios back in 2010. During the 1990s, after the invention of the CT scan and the MRI, we gained a lot of knowledge about how the brain works. Education is dragging its feet, but advances have been made. To the extent that we can understand what dyslexia is, then we can have a better chance at helping students who struggle because of it.


Dyslexia is NOT merely switching letters. Dyslexia is NOT something that children grow out of. Dyslexia is real. Dyslexia does often cause problems with school work.

Dyslexia is genetic. It has been known since the time of Socrates. Therefore, it is not like other ailments that were only newly discovered. It is not like problems that have become common only within the past decade, so that it is reasonable to look for preventions. Dyslexia has been around a long time.

It is now thought that dyslexia is a slow auditory processing. Dr. Sekel will explain. There are ways to train the brain to speed up that processing – somewhat. There are ways to teach reading and spelling that permit the student who has dyslexia to do better. Generally, this consists of teaching rules in a logical way — something that public school adamantly, ignorantly, and hurtfully refuses to do. (Please get a copy of my English Spelling Patterns, written for dyslexics and available on amazon.com.)


Dyslexia is often accompanied by a heightened ability to deal with the 3D world. For instance, can you picture a slice of pie on a plate? Can you picture in your mind that same slice of pie upside down, floating in the air, off the plate? Why not? I find that easy. Anyone with dyslexia would. Why can’t you? Maybe for the same reason that I still had typos in my college paper after I proofed it 12 times. LOL

There is a lot more to be said about dyslexia and helping students with dyslexia. The point we make here is 1) this is not a death knell 2) we do know what this problem is and 3) there are people and methods that can help. I let out of the bag that I clearly have dyslexia. I am also PHI BETA KAPPA (meaning a member of the the most prestigious honor society) and did extremely well in school. Your children can too. Just have faith and get the practical ideas/help you need.

Blessed Resurrection Day

A blessed resurrection day! Welcome to all my Lioness listeners. I welcome listeners from around the world. You are all my lioness listeners — meaning, mothers who work ferociously for the well=-being of their children. I tell a little bit about my story. I want to be sure you know about my resources. We also have a big announcement: you can join now at the Tribe or Pride level.

Back story: The term “tiger mom” was coined by Amy Chua. A quick search reveals mostly now mostly negative chatter, which is unfortunate. Here is a comment from a Tiger cub https://www.cnn.com/2013/05/17/opinion/liu-tiger-parents/index.html. Here is another. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/parenting/a27197790/tiger-mom-parenting/

Asians do have a reputation for being academically oriented. While Asian cultures do value scholarship, the stereotype of Asian American mothers as being harsh or Asian American students as being inherently “brainy” is unfortunate. Studies show that while Asians do, on average, make better grades than other groups in the US, they also study more. In short, hours doing homework makes better grades. The same studies show that often Asian American students study in groups, either with siblings or with friends. This too, results in higher grades. Thus, rather than falling into racism, crazed supposed anti-racism, or into an overly quick criticism of mothering, let’s simply take the inspiration for scholarship and children’s well-being.

Requiring an untested, unlicensed vax is illegal in US

Image credit to Getty Images. Thanks to Check the News.

But not everyone agrees:

Or, in other words, don’t be bullied. Questions have arisen bout the ability to have children. Claims from research doctors include: Autoimmune problems, attacks against tissues including kidney, liver, hearth, brain. Aches and pains. Sooner death. (Dr. Sherri TenPenny, interview on DayStar.)

Then, what might the spiritual cost be of having not entirely human DNA? (Kevin Zadai).

I’m not claiming to be the authority, but questioning those who are, and who have like Cuomo, caused a lot of destruction, is certainly warranted.

BTW, today in the news flipflop Fauci warns parents against letting children play with other without masks, while Texas’ Gov. Abbot touts continued reduction of identified cases after mask mandate was dropped. (BTW, Texas hospitals have struggled with low customers, and some are being sold at this moment. Remember what we were told last year at this time. Cases do not equal hospitalizations. “Cases” is manipulated.)